The beauty of our home planet

Asia Mountains
  Kyrgyzstan is not only a country of mountains, but the mountain lakes in the country. On the territory of Kyrgyzstan there are 1923 lakes of different origins: tectonic, landslide,…

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Asia Mountains
  Kyrgyzstan is not only a country of mountains, but the mountain lakes in the country. On the territory of Kyrgyzstan there are 1923 lakes of different origins: tectonic, landslide,…

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Volcanic terrain


)When the eruption ceases, the landscape continues to change. Over the years, the erosion creates bizarre: lost in the wilderness of the stele from the lava, “stone organs” or dwellings excavated in the compacted ash. Volcanic terrain, sometimes takes a bizarre form.

The vagaries of nature. Highway Giants, dwarfs Fortress or Evil grin. Poetic names of volcanic deposits is truly beautiful. Volcanoes change. Under the influence of time, rain and wind changes the topography. This phenomenon is called erosion.

Home from the ashes. In the Turkish Cappadocia is surrounded by the cones and the pillars, the height of 30 meters. Eight million years ago there happened the eruption of two volcanoes, and lava flows, mud and ash covered the whole area, changing the local landscape. The lava froze into hard basalt. Ashes compressed and turned into a white and soft tuff. The rains have come in the gorge and modeled cones, similar to the lesions. The Turks gave these places their homes. Some of them are still inhabited.

Sometimes the cone of the volcano, consisting of ash and slag disappears, and there is only a long arrow from the lava inside the crater. This arrow may reach 200 meters in height.

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The largest lake

– Constance (located in the foothills of the Alps on the border of Germany, Switzerland and Austria)

– Balaton (the lake in the West of Hungary, the largest in Central Europe)

– Vänern (largest lake in Sweden and third largest in Europe)

– Vättern (the second largest of the Swedish lakes)

Caspian (the largest on Earth endorheic lake situated at the crossroads of Europe and Asia)

Aral (former endorheic salt lake in Central Asia, divided into two isolated reservoirs — Northern (Small) and southern (Large) Aral sea, before the collapse of the former fourth-largest lake in the world)

– Balkhash (polupriznanie endorheic lake in southeastern Kazakhstan, the second largest permanent salt lake)

– Dead sea (endorheic salt lake between Israel, Jordan and the Palestinian authority. The water level in the Dead sea at 427 meters below sea level)

– Issyk-Kul (the largest lake in Kyrgyzstan)

The kukunor (the biggest mountain endorheic salt lake in Central Asia)

North America:

– Winnipeg (the largest lake within the southern Canada)

– Great Slave (the deepest lake in North America)

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Multi-Colored lake of Kelimutu volcano on Flores island, Indonesia


During our trip to Indonesia was planned trip to the volcano Kelimutu . located on the island of Flores, in the eponymous national Park. Kelimutu is famous, above all, the fact that there are three multi-coloured crater lake.

For a start, stopped in the town of Maumere, where the owners of the hotel offered us a car with a driver, to which we gladly agreed. Left early in the morning, so Breakfast failed, but brought with her some food. Winding path to the volcano Kelimutu from Maumere long: about four hours. Good paved road, but very narrow and hilly, so the driver in front turns always honking. Therefore, despite the fact that we got up early, doze off and failed.

We were surrounded by green mountains, and along the road met rice fields and other agricultural lands.

Passed a checkpoint with a barrier where it was necessary to purchase the entrance tickets to the national Park Kelimutu . to pay extra for the camera and sign the log. In the end there is a concreted platform with trading benches. Here you can eat and buy souvenir.

The path to the volcano was easy, took about 15 minutes, the ascent not very steep. Met a Bouncing monkey.

And finally, before we arose the famous lakes of the volcano Kelimutu.

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Lake Baikal is a lake of exceptional beauty


Baikal — the purest and deepest lake in the world. Located in the South of Eastern Siberia and the world’s fresh water is in the first place.

Due to ancient tectonic processes, the lake was formed in a large depression surrounded by high mountain ranges. The Baikal mountains are extraordinarily beautiful as lake Baikal – the pearl of Russia. Ensconced in the form of a narrow Crescent, the lake Baikal extends 636 CMS long and 80 CMS wide. The purity of the water surprised even seasoned ecologists, in spring it reaches 40 meters! And the second in the world reserves of fresh water African lake Tanganyika behind the Baikal 200m!

The age of Baikal is still subject to debate. However, there is reason to consider it the most ancient on earth. Into Baikal 336 rivers flow, the largest is the Selenga, she gives more than half of water to replenish the lake. Flows one great river Angara.

Flora and fauna of Baikal is represented by more than 2360 species of plants and animals. Many of them are unique and nowhere else is home. Only fish there are more than 52 species. The Baikal seal or Nerpa, the lake is crowned by the pyramid of mammals, a rare phenomenon in large lakes. In autumn you can see the mass deposits of ringed seals on the rocky shores.

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The largest lake of the capital and its anomalies


In the warmer months always makes the rest of the water. Almost in each district you can find a cool river, Bay or lake. Among the latest stop on a controversial lake Diamond with a controversial reputation. The name of the water body has received from local residents for clean water, which is unusual for such places. The lake is the largest in the capital of Ukraine.

It is located on the left Bank near the housing of the array Troyeshchyna. In addition, the Diamond lake and the deepest in the city. Its depth reaches 35 meters.

Until the early 80’s in place of the lake was a quarry, which was mined peat. After cessation of works at this place the lake was formed. From the town pond is separated banknote mint of the National Bank of Ukraine. On the other hand the lake is surrounded by pine forest, very close.

In the Western part of the lake there is a stream that flows into the lake from the Eastern side and connects with Figurovskii lakes. They in turn connect to the Bank and at the end of the river Dnieper. Therefore, the water – flow and clean.

Although officially the lake shore a beach is not considered, in good Continue reading

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